Hi! This is me. I'm Francesca I was born and live in Italy where my parents' house is, in the middle of the woods. Here I have a double job life: in the morning I'm a lawyer and in the afternoon I'm a surface pattern designer.

I love travelling so some years ago, while I was spending some time in Ireland, Dublin I visited so many beautiful, little, local design shops and decided that I wanted to begin a second business that would have satisfied me more and allowed me to work from wherever in the world I was. One day I was totally inspired by a class I was attending online about surface pattern design and boom: it was love at first sight!

Until then I've never stopped to try, and improve and explore this magical world. I learned softwares such as Illustrator and Photoshop, and began creating my first patterns. After a year I was able to open my online shops and sell my prints on many products, as mugs, rugs, bags and much more.

I often find myself dreaming awake about having my patterns on things in shops I visit and see someone wearing my prints. Who knows, maybe this will be real!

Don't stop to always inspire yourself!

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