In the age of visual inspiration trying to find your personal and unique voice is so hard, at least for me. I divide myself between my day job and my newborn creative activity, but anytime I have time to paint or draw or create something, I seem to spend too much time thinking and re-thinking about WHAT I'M GONNA DO NEXT?...

Here I am!


Hi everyone! This is me and my works, and my life and my passions.

Digital supplies to create awesome graphics

I usually create my patterns with handdrawn elements, then assembled in graphic software as Illustrator and Photoshop, but in my case Illustrator most. But in these days I'm also thinking a lot about using premade graphic resources to create a stunning masterpiece to use in my job.

This can accelerate your production or be useful when you have not so much inspiration to draw. I find that some premade clip art are so cute that I suddenly find my motivation to create a product.

Another use of these digital resources could be finding just what you need for a particular design that you have been requested to create from a customer.

My favorite websites to scroll down are Creative Market and Design Cuts. I had the possibility to try them both cause Design Cuts has many freebies and I bought a set from Creative Market designer Lisa Glanz. I personally love her style made of original textures and so handmade illustrations. Her characters are simply cute.

Some weeks ago I purchased her Textures Pack and I'm honest, mostly I choose that one cause her examples of use and mock ups are irresistible and you feel as you can do what she does in an hour! Just what you need when you feel blocked in creating art and design.

What I like is that casual style and those doodling marks that create a fun action in illustrations.

If you would like to create book illustrations or children clothes, I think this pack is perfect for you. Below are some illustrations I created with this pack.

Creative Market is full of pack as this one, for textures, marks, illustrations, mockups and fonts. And it's my favorite one, but Design Cuts is also good and sometimes you can find freebies and tutorials too. I recently subscribed to the Premium version of Freepik too, and I found it good for some projects I was working on for a client.

I had to create some patterns with watercolor flowers, and as I'm not so advanced in watercoloring we were agree I would have used premade graphics.

Be always sure that you have the right permission to use these elements for commercial use to not run the risk to violate copyrights laws. You will have usually in every purchase you License file. In case you are in doubt I suggest you to send an e-mail to your seller, to be sure.

If you would like to read other posts about cute packs and offers let me know in the comments. And if you have other suggestions, you're welcome!