Here I am!


Hi everyone! This is me and my works, and my life and my passions.

As you may have seen I'm a surface pattern designer since a year so I'm still exploring this world made of pencils, paints, Illustrator and fantasy.

My passion for art has always made me think that one day I would have made money and been living on my own working in the design and craft fields, but my life went in another direction made of law, codes, courts and stacks of documents. So I became a Lawyer.

But soon my creative nature came out again and I began to attend surface pattern design courses on line.

And Here I Am!

Here you can find my progress in becoming a full time designer.

My process in creating a pattern is made of several steps that may change in the order of happening. Usually I am inspired by a shape, a photo that I see scrolling on Instagram, or browsing a magazine.

So I begin to sketch something on a paper with pencils, or an inkpen. I will not lie saying that I draw for hours and begin to draw in digital only after pages and pages of sketches. Generally I feel too excited to see the drawing in color and pattern so I go on my Pc and scan them.

I'm always been super inspired by a bright palette of colors so I always choose naturally glowing colors, but I have to admit that when I see a simple graphic with pastel or soft colors I feel so relaxed that I imagine I will try something new in the future.

But the super funny part is when your imagination takes place in something actually touchable as a fabric yard, or a bag, or a mug and every other thing that could be printed digitally.

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