Which is my real style?


In the age of visual inspiration trying to find your personal and unique voice is so hard, at least for me. I divide myself between my day job and my newborn creative activity, but anytime I have time to paint or draw or create something, I seem to spend too much time thinking and re-thinking about WHAT I'M GONNA DO NEXT?

It's just so frustrating!

I think that the remedy is what you already know: trying to unplug yourself from all social media, expecially those ones that are visual based. All that you are inspired by can be useful in your creative job, you take new ideas, new points of view, and then nothing is better to give you joy when you feel down than see others success stories, but this is not YOUR reality.

You probably are trying to have satisfaction in your daily work and in your own progress and you'll not find it with someone else's life. It's your life and you will be happy and glad only DOING SOMETHING. Even if it's not what you dreamed about, but it's you in it.

Then I have only another thought about THE WAY YOU LOOK AT YOUR ART.

If you are creative persons you probably feel weird and conflicting things in front of your "masterpiece". About me, I always, always really hate my final creation at least for a day! I cannot explain this fact but now I'm trying to accept it as a fase of the game. Anyway If I can spend a word on this I would say:

Never, never be cruel with your art. It could be a photograph, or a cake, or a watercolor painting, but look at it with love as you were looking at your newborn child. Don't matter how it looks, it could be a very mess (like it will surely happen from time to time ) but it's your nature that comes out spontaneously, so don't hinder it!